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Surgery? Whats thats?

Posted Jun 12 2008 7:22am
So, I've been sitting here in this hospital forever! Well actually its been seven days. I am soooo bored! I keep getting woke up by a bunch of ladies, of whom, though thier intentions seem good, they are still not letting me sleep in! And all those beeps and sirens, and bright lights! Man, I want to go back inside the dark hot tub, in that I was warm, cozy, and doing flip-flops inside it, I was in heaven still!

Speaking of heaven, that place was cool! I got to hang out with our Heavenly Father and His Son! I wasn't so little either, and nobody was poking me in the foot five or six times a day!

I know I am using alot of exclamations points, but I have to let you know how I feel, and I feel very exclamative, so there. hmmph.

But you know what? I am so glad that I am getting a lot of people cuddling with me. My mommy, she also owns the hottub, comes and feeds me and cuddles with me, and let me tell you, yummmmie!! That stuff is so good, its better then what you big people call cheesecake, or so I hear. I hear her sing songs to me, and she is so nice and sweet to me, I sure love her more than anything in this whole world, of which consists of a 30 ft by 20 ft room, with a bunch of other little people like myself in it. She comes over every few hours or so to let me EAT! Which so happens to be one of my favorite things to do in this place, the other things being, sleeping, of course, and let me see, did I mention sleeping, oh yes I did.

Well, I guess I don't really do a whole lot in here, it isn't exactly Disneyland. How do I know what that place is? Well, before I came to reside in your atmosheric conditions, and even before the hottub, I had my eyes on that place. Heaven is cool and all, but get real, they don't even have one roller coaster, and Disneyland has like, a million! I have some big plans for the future, you just wait and see, and those plans definitely include going to Disneyland, probably in seven or eight years from now. That is earth years, not heaven years, and yes, the time is calculated very differently their.

So yesterday, my family came to visit me again! I was so happy. Mommy, Daddy, Savannah, Mark, Nalana, and Janae are fun and neat, I love visiting with them, and spending time with them. I get all warm and fuzzy whenever they are around me. I look forward to hanging out with them at parks and teaching them who is really the boss! Yours truly, hehe.

I am so cute, people tell me that I look just like my daddy! And he is so handsome, mommy says, so it must be true. Well I am tired of writing, sheesh, this typing stuff is sort of difficult, my fingers are so little.

I'll catch all of you next time, tune in to receive great news and updates. Peace.
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