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Surgery Complete

Posted Nov 09 2010 12:00am

I'm home again after a long day in the surgical waiting room. I am realizing now how much has happened for Lily in the past 24 hours so I had better back track.
Yesterday Cardiology came and discussed their recommendations with me. They said that right now her heart issues are mild, and they are fixable with surgery. They felt that right now we can treat her medically instead of surgically and we can always decide to do surgery down the road if she isn't doing well. I was happy with this plan. They also said we could go ahead with G-tube placement and the nissen.
So Surgery was called and came up to poke at her tummy and discuss the procedure with me. He said we could probably do it Thursday. I went home and then got a call saying it would be done tomorrow (today) most likely in the afternoon. Zar and his dad went last night to see her and give her a blessing. This morning we called to check on her and they said she was getting ready to go to surgery at 9:15. AH! So I jumped out of bed and and dragged my kids up to my moms and made it to the hospital five minutes after she went to surgery. Dang it.
I had a good book and read in the waiting room, and thought she would be done about 11:30 or noon. She was done about 2. Like her sister she has awful veins and is a difficult intubation, but she did well. There was a bit of a complication which means we can't use her new button for 5 to 7 days instead of 1 to 2, so that's a bummer, but I'm used to my trisomy kids taking longer to come off vents, get out of the ICU, etc. They like to take their sweet time.
She is doing well and will get IV nutrition until we can give the button a shot. And that's where we are today.

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