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Summer Safety for Kids

Posted Jun 16 2010 3:34pm

Many parents dread summer because of having to find ways to keep their kids occupied and safe.  Emergency rooms see far too many kids as a result of accidents, burns, or beach and pool accidents with near-drownings.

Laura Wright sent me a good list of ways to keep kids occupied and asked me to share it. I am sure it will be helpful to many parents. It is

If your child gets into a poisonous substance, it is important to have the number of the National Poison Hotline posted by all your telephones. it is 1-800-222-1222. If children are going to be playing outdoors, parents should be good about putting on sunscreen. However, the recommendation is that sunscreen should not be used until a child is at least six-months-old. Little children get burned by the sun very easily, so hats are important, as are unbrellas at the beach. I always shudder when I see little ones out in the hot sun with no hats. The other important safety precaution is to be sure that children and teens wear helmets when biking, roller blading, or on the back of parents' bikes. The parents too should wear helmets. Many times I have seen parents on bikes without  helmets while their children have on helmets. If the parents are hit by a car or have an accident on their bikes, what is a little child supposed to do? One report said that one in four children do not wear bike helmets.

Playground equipment injuries in one report accounted for 200,00 injuries. Trampolines are extremely dangerous and the American of Academny of Pedatrics advises parents never to buy one or allow the use of one at a friend's home. Hopefully, some to these tips will keep at least a few chidlren away from the emergency rooms or doctors' offices.

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