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Summer holiday to Wales 09

Posted Jul 21 2009 11:37am

Hello all,
we have recently arrived home from our 10 day trip away in the caravan. Boy it was a busy one, plagued by a slight illness on Imogen's part. She developed a nasty cough part way through the holiday, which gave us all a few sleepless nights. However, in general we had a great time. Relaxing it wasn't as we fitted in numerous friends from around the areas that we went. We know too many folk! But it was great to see all of you that we paid a visit too?
The holiday started off great weather but turned to a damp squib eventually. Again it still didn't dampen our spirits. No pun...

Anyway, here's what we did
Friday - Set off to Abbey Farm caravan park near Burscough. This is only 40 miles from home but we had Hayley, Colin and Harris to enjoy a couple of nights with us. They pitched in their tent next to us. It was a great site and felt like we could have been miles away. The weather was great.

Saturday - We all just had a chill day and stayed on the park. They have a play park where big kids Baz and Col played frisbee and kites. the kids weren't that interested. Harris and Imogen get on fab and are inseparable.

Sunday - The troops cleared out and headed for home in the afternoon, much to Immie's disappointement (and ours C&H). We headed off and met up with some friends in Ainsdale who we haven't seen for 3 years. The Plows are a lovely family (and I'm not saying that cos you paid for the chinese Cath and Darrol ;-) )who we met in hospital when Immie was poorly. They were in with their daughter Isabella who fortunately has taken all that was thrown at her and come out fighting fit. Jessica, their eldest daughter has an uncanny resemblance to Immie. Check out the pics. Anyway, it was great to see you all.

Monday - Loaded up the van and headed for Presthaven Sands at Prestatyn. Lovely in the morning but when we arrived in Wales the heavens opened. On arrival at the park, there was no pitch available as some dude was in our spot. Soon got that sorted!! Big Baz vented some fury and got the supervisor to sort it. Actually that's not true. It's just not me to shout and be angry at people. The nice supervisor spoke to the dude and got him to shift. However, this dude turned out to be a dude displaying acquiescence and moved. We later bought him a bottle of wine for his trouble. Not our fault but he could have stood his ground as he had booked it too.
Teatime, Jenny and her daughter Chantelle came to us for tea. They live in Kinmel Bay which is 5 miles or so from where we were. We sneaked them into the entertainment at night even tho you have to have a pass. We had 3 passes so me Jen and Chan went in, I went back out and gave 2 to Linz and Immie. Felt really devious but I'm sure security weren't arsed. Somehow me and Jen got roped into a game on stage, kind of musical chairs but the blokes were the chairs. We lost.

Tuesday - Chilled for most of the day but went over to Jen's for tea. In the evening we went to Rhyl and all went in the slots much to Immie's delight. She managing to curb her gambling though.

Wednesday - went to the Welsh mountain Zoo. Very impressed with a good Sealion pool. You know the old ball on nose, shake paws take a fish. Good weather, in fact pretty hot. Later on we went to The Beatty's in Llandudno. Zara, Gary, Tamla and Johnny took us in and fed us. A fine spread thank you Gary. We're looking forward to seeing you soon Zara and Johnny.

Thursday - Wet wet wet. Went back to Rhyl on the slots and fairground. Immie had some vouchers to redeem from her winnings on the slots. Went to the cabaret and slots in the evening back at the campsite.

Friday - upped sticks. Left for Tarporley, Cheshire. Another lovely site near Tarporley called The Hollies. It was a garden centre and organic farm shop with a deli to die for. We could have spent a fortune on goodies. The site was out at the back and really nice. But again it was a wet journey between sites. The Gill's came over for tea. I tell ya, our caravan is like a drop in centre for the hungry. It's always a pleasure to put you lot up.

Saturday - Went to Blakemere craft centre. They were having a fun day and it was pretty packed. There was a bit of a fair for Immie and candy floss for me. Love it on a stick (candy floss that is).
Saturday night was our last night and we were going out for a nice meal nearby. We all got togged up, but Immie, who not being on form decided she was too unwell to go. Even after a sleep she wanted to stay in. So off I headed to nearby Winsford for an Indian. I say near, seemed further when I got back to the van and realised I'd left a stash of beer in the takeaway. It was about 6 miles away so I had to hot foot it hoping that they were still on the Marie Claire mag I was reading. We couldn't ring them as I had no idea of the name or what part of town it was in. Alas, the dude behind the counter had stashed them away. I think he was secretly gutted I'd come back.

Sunday - Booooo, came home.

And that was it. Immie has had a good time but we're still battling to rid her of the cough. This in turn makes her reflux, so there's been plenty of sick recently. She did however, manage to attend her final day at pre school. I think all the Auntie's were sad but Immie didn't seem to bother. Maybe when she realises she isn't going back she may feel sad. Soon be time for big school, not long now.

Only 3 and a half week before we go off in the van again.

T'ra all.


PS Click the picks if ya want to blow them up.

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