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Stress-induced Attention Deficit Disorder?

Posted Apr 12 2011 1:52am

As familiar as I have become with ADD and ADHD over the past few years, I am starting to wonder if I have developed stress-induced ADD.

Yeah, I know, it isn’t a real diagnosis.   But I feel like I fit the symptoms to a “T”.   I even googled it, but I couldn’t find anything that fit other than my favorite word, “overwhelmed.”

  • Trouble concentrating and staying focused – Check!
  • Hyperfocus (Hannah’s medical issues) – Check!
  • Disorganization and forgetfulness – Heck yeah, big time check!
  • Impulsivity – Check!  (But may be ‘pre-existing’ to be honest)
  • Emotional difficulties – Hmmmm, maybe.

I suck at organizing these days.  I mean, I wasn’t great at it in the first place, but these days I feel completely lost and disorganized.  I never really felt settled here in Vegas, even though it is coming up on a year, because as soon as I moved here we had Hannah’s severe medical issues and recovery from the moment the mediflight ambulance landed.   We never unpacked this house completely nor made it a home.  Very few pictures on any of the walls, things still in boxes, and very little sense of organization here.

I keep hoping that once we are in the new house and that I get to start over with a fresh, clean slate that I will be able to start getting the feeling of a better handle on my life and responsibilities because right now I feel completely lost.    I have 500 things going on in my mind at a time, 100 projects or things I need to start working on, and 50 must-do things that I seem to keep forgetting to do.

I miss feeling productive.  Sounds stupid, probably.  But I don’t feel productive at all these days.  I feel like I am always trying to catch up, cover, and just do enough to make it through to the next thing.  I miss the feeling of having a ‘content’ life.  You know, things in place, routine, and just a sense of organization in some aspects of my life.

I really, really hope that once we settle in the new house next month (we should hopefully close escrow this week), getting Hannah’s nursing situation finalized with a good team of nurses, and get pictures up on the walls again that I will finally be able to start focusing more on what I need to do.

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