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Stress in Children

Posted Feb 02 2012 11:26pm

Far too many children these days are being put on medications to control their hyperactivity or lack of attention. There are children who benefit from ritalin or other medicines for ADHD. However, often the parents or the teachers want a child sedated becaue they are easier to control. If a child has a special problem that medication cannot help, then encouragement, time for running, playing, and creativity can make a great difference.

A grandmother told me a few days ago what a teacher was doing to her eight-year-old grandchild who has a neurologcal problem. He is in second grade in a public school and the teacher gives the children three hours or more of homework a day. She is very strict and teaches by fear, telling the children they will be put on detenion if they don't finish their homework. A teacher like this should be replaced. My advice was for the parents to move the child to another class or another school. Certainly meeting with the prinicpal would be a must and getting some of the other parents to complain would also be a good idea.

Why are second graders having homework at all? That makes little sense. What has happened to just learning to think, making reading and writing fun, and allowing the children time for play? No wonder our children are becoming stressed.

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