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Stella's Hearing Test

Posted Jun 13 2009 12:11am

It went okay. She passed in her right ear, but not in her left. The audiologist referred us to the EEG lab to do a more complete test, rather than just going back to their office to do the same test again. The more complete test Stella can either pass in both ears or, if not, it will show us where the issue is in her left ear (inner or middle ear). It may be that she just has congestion or issues with the tubes being too smalll (typical Ds issu), or it could be that she has a more permanent hearing loss. They can tell that with the more complete test because it will test if the sound it actually getting into her brain vs. just testing if it echoes back (what we did today). So, I've called the EEG lab and left a message to make an appointment. Hopefully we can get that completed soon so we can get this issue figured out!!

Oh, and the audiologist said that since she passed in the right ear, she has what's necessary to develop language, which, really, is the most important component. Worst case, she has a hearing aide for lefty.

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