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Special Needs Children's Blog Wins EPIC Award

Posted Dec 23 2010 10:44am
You like me. You really, really like me.


Last week I was nominated on Twitter for an award, Disney Epic Mickey's Epic Mom Blogger. The award was hosted by Mom Bloggers Club and they wanted "to reward a mom blogger who has closely supported important causes or otherwise gives back to the mom blogger community."

Voting was completed solely via Twitter, and I was blown away by the support I received from Twitter's #specialneeds community and all who tossed a nomination in for me.

mamabegood epic

When I saw this tweet last week I joked with the sender that I would use it as part of my acceptance speech. Never dreaming of course that it would happen.

On Monday, when the nominations were tallied I found out I was a finalist. As only the Top 5 nominees moved to the next round, I was encouraged, now I had a 20% shot of taking home the Epic Mom Blogger title and the grand prize. (The grand prize is a $1,000.00 gift card, Nintendo Wii, and copy of Disney Epic Mickey.)

I knew things were going to get tough. I only had 24 hours to write one helluva blog post describing why I deserve to win. Easy.


If you know me in person at all, you know I'm more of a behind the scenes kinda gal. I love to help and organize. I support many causes, but rarely am I the girl out front chanting with a banner and my face painted.

Except here.

On this blog I am waving my special needs flag and yelling at whoever will listen to me.

I wrote a blog post about my journey as a special needs mom, Disney Epic Mickey Searches For A Hero .

And I won.

This blog is a very small fish in a very large pond (no pun intended)....and I won.


So I want to take a minute to thank my a few of my Dorys. These are the moms without whose help, guidance, support and laughter I could not have made it over the past three years. These are the moms who encouraged me to start blogging and continue to help me share our story.

Thank you Sarahs.

Yes, plural.

Sarah I., writes (occasionally) over at Tales from a NEHI Momma about her three adorable (read: crazy) children.  In particular about her son Wesley, who is diagnosed with a rare intersistal lung disease, NEHI. She is hysterically funny and without a doubt has gotten me through some of my toughest times, she was around long before this blog.

Sarah K., is a baking from scratch, babywearing, clothes making, organic cooking kinda gal. So in other words, my total opposite. Our love of coffee and late night chats were instrumental in getting us through many tough surgeries and recoveries. She is a witty old soul, supermom to Mila and a total rock star.

Thank you to my lawyers (turned Special needs moms), Karin and Catherine. Although I have never actually sought legal advice from either of you, I'm sure you were good. ;)

Karin is the former special needs mom who wrote this and never stops offering her love and support, often through humor .  Many hours, emails, pictures and tears later...she is my go-to gal for everything I ever wanted to know about jaw distractions surgery but was afraid to ask. Also, her being a complete Disney fanatic helps to keep our friendship going strong.

Catherine, late to the party, but my virtual soul mate. My rock. You are a genius, do-er, go-getter and the best blog conference roommate, ever. I wish I had half your energy and spunk, I'd bottle it, sell it and we could be millionaires.  Billy is one lucky boy to have you on his side. There is no one else who could have helped me through these past six months the way you have. I love you and thank you for all you have done.

And of course, readers, followers, fans and friends : Thank you for reading, supporting, commenting (hint, hint) and just plain being here. To my fellow special needs parenting bloggers, you are my online family and you are never far from my thoughts. You have helped to change the life of this struggling single mom, more than you know.

And lastly, a HUGE thanks to Disney , you make dreaming possible.

Thanks for peeking,

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