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Sleep study results

Posted Mar 10 2010 12:00am

"The study shows an AHI (apnea index) of 3.6 (normal is less than 1.5); oxygen as low as 84% (would like to see above 91%) and CO2 is 52 torr (would like 51 or less).  So this is not normal but also not so bad. Recommend attempt to decannulate in the spring with home oxygen (for night as standby)."

Am slightly surprised about the O2 as Reuben hasn't needed it since his heart surgery 2.5 yrs ago, other than on his recent admission when he was very ill in intensive care.

The plan going forward is for Reuben to have a 48hr admission.

On the first day in the OR Reuben will be asleep when I believe they'll do an L&B again to re-check his throat. That first night his trach will be capped and if he does OK, they'll take the trach out and he'll stay in another day for observation.

Planned for April 12.

Here's hoping.

Every hospital it seems has a different protocol on decannulation.
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