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Sex Education and Abortions

Posted Apr 05 2013 3:25pm

In watching the news, it almost seems as if the United States is regressing rather than moving forward. Many Repulbicans seem to want to take us back to the 1930's or 40's. When I heard that Texas, North Dakota, and Arkansaw legislators wre introducing bills to get rid of sex education and abortions, I found it hard to believe they could be so ignorant. I wondered what these men would do if there own daughters became pregnant at thirteen or fourteen? Would they insist the girl carry the pregnancy to term and then have the child adopted? Sex education is very important in these days of early sexual activity. The churches may preach that sex without marriage is wrong, but that has little or no impact on many teens. Many girls don't think they can get pregnant because they have no true idea of how a pregnancy is conceived. i know this becasue I have taught many sex edication classes in both public and private schools. I have always been amazed at  some of the girls' ignorance about sex, even the girls who were sexually active.

I had no problem in writing contrasceptive prescriptions for girls who were sexually active.  Yes, I always tried to tell them all the problems that could occur if they were having sex. Some did get pelvic inflamatory disease (PID) and one or two even contracted gonorrhea. A few became pregnant and had abortions. These were principally girls from affluent homes. Many of their parents were too busy with social activities or working to have any idea of what was going on with their daughters. I hope the mothers and doctors in Texas, North Dakota, and Arkansas  put pressure on the legislators, so the bills do not pass.

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