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Scoliosis, Rett Syndrome and my Abby

Posted Jan 16 2012 12:00am

Last year I told you all how Rett Syndrome Sucks . I told of our journey with Scoliosis and Rett Syndrome along with pictures of xrays. On these xrays you could see that Abby's curve had doubled in just a few months time. Despite the facts that we had enrolled her in Hippotherapy and upped her PT time outside of school her curve still doubled.

It took us several months to find a Chiropractor and Massage Practice that would take Abby on. With a huge discount and help from our church we were able to come up with a plan of treatment. Once again Thank You Fountain of Life and Nashua Baptist!

You can view the video of her progress here .

Never the was not enough. Although we do intend to keep her in all her therapies we had to make the decision to brace Abby. It was not an easy one to make and almost everyone said the same thing..."Bracing doesn't work with Rettgirls. They don't tolerate it."

Here are some pics from Abby's brace fitting...that she is tolerating beautifully

When they first put it on. I was so upset but I knew if I cried she would too and she was being so good.
Here we go..she can sit up
Look at her Cheesing at the technician
On the way out. Sitting up as straight as can be....and yes..her legs really are that long!
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