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Saturday Night West Coast Re-Post

Posted Jan 05 2013 9:15pm
So, I'm going to institute a new ritual here on the old blog. It's called Saturday Night West Coast Re-Post, and every Saturday evening, I will post something old from the vast archives of a moon, worn as if it had been a shell. I hope you'll join me and post something from your archives on Saturday night, particularly if you're the type that doesn't go out on Saturday night but, rather, crawls home from a day of watching boy lacrosse and wonders if it will take too much effort to walk up the street with your three children and have dinner at a neighbor's house.

Here's my repost, from the medieval era, August of 2009

Gallows Humor

I was trying to clean up my computer archives and found this email that I had sent to a friend over ten years ago and that he had saved and then sent back to me.

Dear David:
> >
> > I have been getting your various messages--telephone and email, etc.> > Forgive me my delinquency in returning them. Things have been a bit> > hectic here--even more hectic than usual. About a month ago, Michael> > was hit by a truck while riding his bicycle to work. He was dragged> > a little but escaped with a pretty messed up left arm. Eighty> > stitches but no broken bones or head injuries.> > About two weeks after it happened, the wound got infected so he was> > hospitalized and had surgery--a skin graft, etc. He is fine now and> > back at work, just not cooking until the thing heals. In any case,> > he was lucky. So, on the day he was hospitalized for infection, I> > set off for the hospital for a visit with Henry and Sophie. As we> > were leaving the house, Sophie had one of her famous drop seizures> > and cracked her head open on the floor. We landed up going to the> > hospital in an ambulance and SHE got ten stitches in her forehead.> > Needless to say, I've been a basket case.> > Henry is fine.> >> > How has your life been of late? You know, everyone always says to
> > me, "It could have been worse." My silent reply is, "It could have been
> > a whole lot fucking better."> >> > Love,> > Elizabeth

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