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Safety of Children's Toys and Equipment in Jeopardy

Posted Feb 23 2011 9:08am

Because new safety regulations for children's toys and equipment are due to go into effect in three weeks, the Republicans and some toy and equipment manufactors are trying to change the regulations, so they will not be so stringent. The Consumer Product Safety Commission is a real target according to an article by Andrew Martin in the 2/22/11 New York Times. The head of the commission says they are perfectly willing to make some adjustments but many manufactures and Republicans would like to eliminate the agency completely. This is in the face of problems such as drop-side cribs that would no longer allowed. From 1990 to 2008, 2140 children were injured because of these cribs and there were several deaths. Even one death is heart-breaking. The deaths occurred becasue the chidlren became caught or wedged in their cribs. Injuries occurred because the children fell out or tried to climb out of their cribs. Parents often think a child can't get out of a crib and yet suddenly there is the child walking toward them!

The new law would require lead testing for all products used by children. Certainly only the products that children can swallow or chew on should be covered and this is the part of the law that could be modified. With all the problems of the toys that were imported from China and had to be recalled, a new tougher law is needed and the Consumer Product Safety Commission certainly should not be eliminated. With the new protections, parents can go on-line and find out if there are any problems with specific cribs or strollers.

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