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Safety for Children in Parking Lots and Public Garages

Posted Aug 17 2012 12:58pm

I was sitting in a busy parking lot yesteray drinking a cup of coffee. Looking out, I saw a mother and two beautiful twin girls, probably about three years old, coming out of a ballet studio. The little girls were dressed in cute pink ballet dresses and the mother was carrying a small child. The mother opened the back of her big van and started putting the small child in the car. One of the twins started walking around to the back of the car and then to the other side. The mother was paying absolutely no attention to her when suddenly a car on the right started to back out. I was too far away to help in case the driver didn't see the little girl. Fortunately, the child then went to the left side of the car and was safe. I have been in this parking lot before and the last time kept a little child from wandering out into the busy driveway by blocking his way with my arms. Neither mother had any idea that their children had been in danger.

Having cared for many post-accident children, I am always amazed at some parents' total disregard for a child's safety. How easy it would have been for the poor driver to miss seeing the cute little girl and taking her life. He would have had a major lawsuit on his hands, when the mother was the one at fault.

One grandmother had her three-year-old by the hand in a parking lot going to her car when the lttile boy burst away and started running. Suddenly, a car came screeching around toward the child, but the grandmother had had hip surgery and couldn't run. She yelled at her grandson, but he didn't listen. A man getting out of his car saw the danger and scooped up the child, saving his life.

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