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Ruff night

Posted Feb 17 2011 12:33pm
Yesterday was great for Alex, he walked 7 laps around the floor at one time. He has his sense of humor back and is teasing the nurses mostly the student nurses he hated the one he had on monday she just seemed to nervous for him and she kept messing up. Tuesday they did not give him a student since he was so upset with the 1st one. But last night he was good and was giving her an A as a grade but when she tried to flush his IV line she forgot to unclamp it and she got an F. They all love him and love his sense of humor.
Alex also had some visitor, his Aunt Kristin brought Charlie up and Uncle Jered came after work, they made his day and made him smile.
Then last night his IV went on him he is getting like 4 bags of stuff in one IV line so they were going to give him a 2nd one, I held his hand and they just could not get a flash. I did my best to hold it together and get him to breath but I guess somewhere I forgot to breath because I passed out on the floor. That scared him, the nurse got me up and into a chair, gave me some fluids and crackers and I felt better. Today Alex is pushing me out the door at breakfest telling me to go eat he never wants to see that happen again. My poor baby!!!
This morning his teacher that came up on sunday called and let the class talk to him on the phone, they passed the phone around and chatted a few mins each with him. He loved it!!
He also farted and pooped today which means things are starting to move again and wake up.
Hopefully tonight he can get the NG tube out and tomorrow will be the cathidier.
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