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Romney/Ryan Frightening Plans for American Medical Care

Posted Aug 14 2012 1:13pm

As I have watched the news and read the newspapers the last few days, I have become increasingly concerned that many in the U.S. do not understand what will happen to ther medical care if Mr Romney and Paul Ryan are elected to office. The Ryan Plan will hurt poor, middle class, disabled, women, and seniors greatly. Mr. Ryan wants to turn Medicare into a voucher system, so that  seniors will get a voucher and have to fight the insurance companies on their own. This will mean a minimun of $6400 extra dollars a year and probably more. The Health Care Act will be repealed which mean that forty million people will have no health insurance. Just last year alone 45,000 people died because they had no health insurance and didn't take care of their medical problems. That is outrageous.

Not only will medical care suffer terribly, but food stamps, Planned Parenthood, coverage for pre-existing condtions and many other things will be deleted that protect  the poor, women, the disabled, and seniors. For two men who spout their strong religious beliefs, it is hard to believe that they have any shred of compassion for those who don't have their wealth. Pual Ryan is the son of a lawyer and grew up with money. How can he possibly understand what it is to lose your job, be disabled, poor and hungry? We cannot allow these two men to have any say over Medicare, Medicaid, our health, and our lives, particularly when they want to increase our taxes, but give a $241,000 tax cut for the very rich. Doesn't Mr. Romney have enough millions already and does he help the poor and the sick with his money? I haven't heard of any  money he donates excpet to the Mormon church.

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