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Robbie 9 months old

Posted Nov 13 2012 5:11pm
Our little warrior is 9 months old. It's amazing how quickly time has passed and how much Robbie has moved on. He's an incredible little boy who always has a smile on. He loves his big sister Alina and gets extremely excited when he sees Alex. He loves children and is very interested in playing with them. His favourite things are chasing Alina, walking in his walker- he was chasing his shadow today which was very, very cute and having a bath. If the water is running and he thinks he is not going to get in, he will cry his little heart out. Alina and Robbie almost always have a bath together. Alina loves having a bubble bath and Robbie discovered splashing the other day by trying to catch the bubbles- really funny. Robbie's very steady on his feet, he's probably going to walk before he crawls; at the moment he can take 2 steps if I hold him. Just like Alina, he loves food. I must say, we are lucky, both of our kids are very good eaters. Robbie is getting interested in textures these days- he has both of his hands in his lunch- which of course went all over his clothes :-).
Healthwise, we've started him on homeopathy, same as Alina. It has helped boost his immune system and hopefully he will deal better with the flu season. One thing which is a bit of concern is that his right arm and hand are double the size of the left one. I took him to a hand specialist who said it's a mild version of lymphedema. I refuse to believe it given the fact that the only thing this guy did- apart from coming across as pretty stuck up- was to measure his arm with a measuring tape. Sherlock, I could've told you already that his arm is bigger! So I am waiting for his appointment at Kings where we'll see his surgeon, Prof. Davenport. I think it's most likely cardiovascular since he had a neckline and pneumothorax on the same side and according to another paediatrician we saw in Romania, his pulse is stronger on that side, which means he gets stronger blood flow on the right side. So it's all up in the air. In the meantime, our little guy is happy, is using his hand with no problems and makes us all laugh. He is extremely cute and we all love him a lot.

Hugs from the Houchins.
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