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Reviews of Food Chaining Book....Concern

Posted Jul 27 2008 12:00am
Hi. Just read a couple reviews of our Food Chaining book. One woman stated that she skipped large portions of the book and said they did not apply to her child who she describes as a picky eater. Another lady described a diet that her child eats. I would not describe her child as a picky eater. From description, her child eats a lot of foods. She doesn't live in the world of families who wake up every day wondering what, if anything, their child will eat and go to bed worried about what, if anything they ate.

But the part that concerned me enough to post a comment on the Amazon website was the one portraying us as fear mongering about underlying medical disorders. We are a medical feeding team. Dr. Fishbein is a pediatric GI, there is nothing but accurate information in the book. This information is not intended to make people fearful, but to help them see that there can be more to the story. There are feeding teams and hospital programs for children with these issues all over the nation. Children refuse to eat for a reason. Just a word of caution here, while many of the kids we see in our feeding team clinics are picky eaters, they are undernourished. We also find a very large number of children with underlying medical issues all the time. Allergies, eosinophilic esophagitis, laryngeal penetration on swallow studies, sensory processing disorder, reflux esophagitis, enlarged tonsils and adenoids impacting swallow, aspiration and on and on and on. Sibyl and I both have children with underlying medical disorders. I went through hell and back with Luke and what he suffered was unbelievable with cyclic vomiting. I have held my child as he vomited blood, vomited 50 times in an hour, he told me he was dying and told me "Goodbye mommy"as he went into hypovolemic shock and I have seen him suffer the effects and ravages of this disorder on his esophagus to this day, at age 15. I was attentive to my child and took him to many medical professionals. So are our parents who are searching for answers for their children. It was Dr. Fishbein who found the answers for us after a lot of misdiagnosis. She felt that people could be confident in their pediatrician for all the answers, luckily for her, she has never had to experience anything that would show her the way things truly can be.

As for the comment about the book going from infants to children many times. It does, from each professional on the team you get the complete picture, infancy to childhood in each of the first five chapters. You use the techniques for the child that are age appropriate. It would be foolish of us to neglect any stage of development, say the early issues of formula intolerance or breastfeeding problems to the three year old refusing food to the teen who doesn't want to eat. The early feeding problems of infancy contribute to the problems later in development. The point of the book is to give people access to the expertise of each team member in assessment and how to treat kids (peds GI, dietitian, occupational therapy, speech therapy and psychology) so you can feel like you are then ready to safely move on to combining foods to expand the diet.

Please don't skip all around as this lady did, read the book or get it from the library or write to me and make sure you have the first five steps covered so your child does not have to suffer at meals. If you just want food is so much more complex than that.

I welcome comments from everyone, good or bad. But, really, when it comes down to it, how can you review a book you didn't read? See some other reviews below under the picture of the chaining book. I am more than open to critique of all kinds, as it helps me learn and makes me better, but I want a fair assessment of the work as a whole and I will not be silent when there are comments from someone who is not educated in this field that prevents a child from getting the help they need.

Our book is the only one out there written by an actual functioning feeding team working with and evaluating infants and children every day. Food Chaining has been presented at the World and National GI conferences, American Speech Language and Hearing Convention, American Academy of Cerebral Palsy and Developmental Medicine and articles have appeared internationally in medical and nutrition journals, including the Journal of Clinical Nutrition. If it was just about food, no one would come to clinic or need to. Dr. Fishbein has eight clinics and I have two, Sibyl has two...that was our big caution to people when we wrote the book, go through the chapters and see if there is anything that sounds like it applies to your child and take that to your doctor or therapist. All of this boils down to finding information to help children in need. Don't miss something that easily treated, could help your child eat with enjoyment.

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