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Research Wrap-Up: Special Issue of Infant and Child Development

Posted Nov 30 2010 12:00am

The new issue of the journal Infant and Child Development explores the hotly debated topic of children's exposure to media, with particular focus on content and context of early media exposure.

Here's a sample of the research highlighted in this issue:

Mendelson, A.L. et al. (2010). Do verbal interactions with infants during electronic media exposure mitigate adverse impacts on their language development as toddlers? Infant and Child Development, 19(6), 577–593.

  • This study found that verbal interactions between mothers and their 6-month-old infants during media exposure (‘media verbal interactions’) may have positive language development impact.

Allen, R. & Scofield, J . (2010). Word learning from videos: more evidence from 2-year-olds. Infant and Child Development, 19(6), 649–661.

  • This study's results showed that 2-year-olds learned and disambiguated words from video (as measured by both pointing and naming) and that learning was similar on the video and live versions of each task.

Fenstermacher, S. K. et al. (2010).Interactional quality depicted in infant and toddler videos: Where are the interactions? Infant and Child Development, 19(6), 594–612.

  • This study examined the social–emotional content and the quality of social interactions depicted in 58 DVDs and found that infant-directed videos rarely used social interactions between caregiver and child or between peers to present content.

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