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reocurring loose bloody mucousy stools in 2 year old please help...

Posted by concernedwoman

When my son turned 1 yr old he had sever diahrrea. Bloody stools/gel like irritable it was so scary. Doctor ran allergen food panel, negative, parasitic infestation, negative, and then sent us to a specialist that told us in less than 5 minutes, a type of colitis it will never happen again. Exactly 1 yr later, same symptoms. Eyes do not look normal, major loss of appetite etc. Again, all tests were negative back to specialist. He says, well your son looks happy I don't seea a problem. Home we went. now exactly 6 1/2 months later, again. Right this very minute he has had loss of appetite, irritable/fussy beyond the norm, he can't even stand himself, diahrrea, bloody stools gel/jelly like, awful rank/rancid smell, belly pain and when he finally does eat a piece of dry toast or cracker, instantly to the bathroom. Also at each time he has a cold with fever 102.3, cough nasal congestion.

This seems serious. Something is wrong with him I know it. It almost seems to have to do with growth. Or something inside him. Apparently our doctor doesn't care nor the specialist I am wondering if anyone has any ideas or could maybe help. Thank you

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