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remedy for child constipation

Posted by anamika

my daughter is 3.5 year old and is having acute constipation since birth. Bowels are irregular and once a week. She does not have apetite problem but is scared of passing bowels saying it hurts her. We have tried various remedies like laccatives, oral supository, homeopathy but have not got a permenant solution to the same. Her food habbits include :

 Kellogs with milk for breakfast.

Biscuits in school

Rice, Dal, Fish/Chicken and vegetables for lunch

Kellogs with milk in evening

Rice, Dal, Fish/Chicken and vegetables for dinner

The gap between all her meals is 3-4 hours. She is fond of lime water (limboo pani) which she has with her lunch.

Her body weight is 15 kgs and shr is on the taller side.

Please sent us a permenant solution to her constipation problem.

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I've never found a permanent solution, except...It's better to get the suppository habit than absorb fecal toxins, the important thing is to make sure she's doing a smell every day.
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