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Ready Set Bumbo!

Posted Oct 22 2008 6:19pm
This little video has boomeranged around cyberspace for a while, so this may be deja vu for some of you. For me, well I live under a rock, so this was brand spanking new and tons- o -fun.

The creators of "Ready Set Bumbo" are obviously in possession of that ever elusive thing known as "spare time" and while many have speculated that they are first time parents I would guess this masterpiece is the work of an aunt or uncle. They have white wall to wall plush carpet. White. Thier house is absolutely pristine. True, harder to do with a herd of kiddos than with a singleton (though I think we all know that depends on the kid, doesn't it), but a this is a baby. They are all little machines shooting out grossness of all kinds in a fairly constant manner...not to mention that they, themselves, are virtual goo magnets. Gabe can't sit down for five minutes without being covered in something that disgusts me.

Unconditional love is a good thing, eh?

I never had that kind of spare time when Emma was a lonesome child.

Not. Once.

Maybe they borrowed a baby. Maybe they borrowed a house. Whatever. All I want to know is where I can get a time warping Bumbo seat and a taser. Forget about Gabe...I want it for me.

Where's an evil genius when you need one?

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