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Reacting to a Serious Medical Diagnosis

Posted Sep 13 2008 4:44am

When you are given a serious, potentially fatal diagnosis, most people react with panic, numbness, or anger. No matter what your age, the most common question is "Why me?" It almost seems that the good people in this world get some of the worst medical problems to handle, while the selfish, unethical, and nasty ones sail through untouched. It takes a strong person with a great support system to take control and know that getting the best medical care is the most important thing, while the next most important things are to be sure you have an excellent support system and financial resources.

One thing that patients may forget is that if they have a husband, partner, children, parents, or grandparents that they, too, will be suffering and will need support. If you are reluctant to tell people about your diagnosis and don' t want anyone except perhaps your closest friend, partner, or parents to know, that puts a heavy burden on your loved ones' shoulders. They, too, need to be able to let others know they are suffering. Everyone needs an escape valve and if they don't have it, accidents or medical problems could result.

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