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Rare Double Switch Surgery in a 11 old month Infant performed Successfully at Wockhardt Hospitals

Posted May 11 2009 4:41am
The pediatric cardiac team at Wockhardt Hospitals has written a new chapter in the history of Pediatric Heart Surgery in India. An 11 month old baby girl from Orissa has become a rare case to be successfully operated for Congenitally Corrected Transposition of Great Arteries (CCTGA) which occurs in less than 1% of children born with heart defects. The Pediatric cardiac team at Wockhardt Hospitals led by Dr. Devananda, Consultant Cardiac Surgeon successfully completed this six hour surgery on the little baby without any complications.


Baby Pinky (name changed) who is the second child in the family was observed to have breathing difficulty in her second month and upon consultation with the local doctors in Orissa they were referred to Bangalore for further consultation and treatment. The family visited a couple of renowned hospitals in Bangalore but the hospitals had no surgical solution to offer and refused to operate upon the child due to the complexity of the case. That is when the child was brought to Wockhardt Hospitals.


The diagnosis by the doctors at Wockhardt Hospitals revealed that the baby was born with ventricular septral defect and straddling tricuspid valve. In this case the pumping chambers (ventricles) are switched along with the great arteries (aorta and pulmonary artery). The baby also had a large hole in between the ventricles and encroaching of one of the valves across the hole. Children born with this kind of defect might also have abnormal electrical conduction system which means they might be highly susceptible to a complete heart block.


Explaining the case Dr. Devananda, Consultant Cardiac Surgeon, Wockhardt Hospitals said, “This is one of the rarest cases we have observed in congenital heart defects where the chambers along with the arteries were in the reversed position. Since it was a complex case we had to perform three cardiac procedures on the baby in one sitting. First we had to do the closure of the VSD (ventricular septal defect) in such a way that the encroachment of the valve should not hamper the blood flow. Secondly, we redirected the pure and impure blood to the respective normal ventricles (atrial switch or senning operation) and thirdly we switched the great arteries to the respective ventricles (arterial switch).”He also added, “This complex condition is seen in less than 1% of all children born with heart defects.”

The post operative course of the child was smooth and the child was on breathing support machine for five days. The feeds were commenced on day 7 post her surgery and the baby was in the ICU under observation for 10 days. The child did not get into any conduction problem and the recovery was quite smooth. Further follow up of the child after 2 weeks showed positive results and the baby was doing well, gaining weight and her cardiac examination was normal

Acording to the  doctors, the baby can lead a normal life and will not require any further surgical treatment” said Dr Devananda. The treatment was done at a subsidized cost at the hospital and was supported by the Needy Heart Foundation.

About Wockhardt Hospitals:

Wockhardt Hospitals Group is amongst the largest healthcare providers in India. The group has a pan India presence of 15 super speciality hospitals in India.

Wockhardt hospitals provide super speciality care in Heart Care, Brain & Spine, Bone & Joint, Minimal Access Surgery and Women Care. The group has an exclusive association in India with Harvard Medical International and is a treatment destination for patients from US, UK and other European Countries besides South Asia, South East Asia, Middle East and Africa. Wockhardt Hospitals Bangalore and Mumbai have received the highly coveted accreditation from Joint Commission International (JCI), USA. It puts Wockhardt Hospitals on a par with international centers of medical excellence.

The certification is a reflection of Wockhardt Hospital’s commitment to stringent quality standards. More more log log on to our website


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