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raised bright red rash on 2 year olds buttocks that has doubled in size in the past 72 hours?

Posted by Kaylee'sMommy

my daughter is 2 and has a bright red itchy raised rash on her bum that i have never seen before. she only wears a pull up at night. it started 2 day ago with a small rash that i applied cortizone cream to and within 2 days its more than doubled in size and is much more red and raised. my daughter complains of pain when she sits on the potty and says it itches though i rarely see her itch her buttocks. i have tried bag balm cortizone cream and antibacterial ointment. what do i do to soothe her buttocks until her doctor can see her?
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my daughter is 2 also and haveing the same issues. I took her to the DRS and they said she was burned and called children and youth. if u find out whats wrong with your child pleeeassse email me at i need anwsers!  thank u
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