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Rainy Morning, Immunology and Other Rare Things

Posted Jan 24 2013 11:22am
A rare sight in Los Angeles

We woke up to gentle rain this morning, and after the swirl and angst of getting-ready-for-school, the house is relatively quiet, save the humming of Sophie who has been sick all week with the flu. She is better today, up for the first time since I got home on Sunday. The strange thing is that Sophie doesn't have seizures when she has a fever. It's been a phenomenon since she was a tiny baby: high fever, no seizures. In case there's an immunologist reading, I have three questions

  1. Sophie began having seizures and was diagnosed with infantile spasms shortly after her initial vaccinations at two months of age. She had no fever, just the myoclonic jerks that soon morphed into other type seizures.
  2. The only treatment that Sophie responded to when she had bouts of ESES (electrical status epilepticus in slow wave sleep) was infusions of intravenous immunoglobulin (IvIg).
  3. When Sophie has a fever -- particularly over 101 degrees, she stops seizing.

Well, those are actually three observations -- not questions -- and my question is: Are these three observations related?


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