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quinsy question!

Posted by sarah


I am writing this discussion in children's health because that is where I see this topic brought up the most. I believe I have quinsy. I am 30 years old and have had a tonsilectomy about 6 years ago. I get chronic infections in my throat post surgery. I have gone to see an ENT, but he acted as if he had never seen it before (said it wasn't typical and didn't know what it was). I have been searching on the internet and have discovered the throat infection called quinsy. I get inflammation on one side of my throat about four to six times out of the year. It is followed by an ear ache and eventually a bulge that forms on my soft palate. I pressed on the bulge and gross green puss comes out! Gross! I don't know what to do and it is freaking me out. I work for a dentist so when this happens I have her prescribe me antibiotics. It helps, but it always comes back. Can someone give me a piece of mind. The ENT I went to told me to get a waterpik to clean it out. No way! I just want this to go away. Any advice from any doctors out there that know more about this.



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