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Pumpkins, Sun, Cake, and Babies (oh, and imaginative play, too!)

Posted Nov 12 2009 10:04pm
Kaitlyn is on the mend.
Her tonsils are decreasing in size, and she is no longer snoring like a man.
Seriously, that is how loud she is when those tonsils get inflamed!
She slept in until 8:30am, highly unusual for my little girl who typically is up at the crack of dawn.
That is another nonverbal way of saying "Ma, I am sick!"
But her appetite is back, inspiring me to entice her with her favorite breakfast for her birthday: scrambled eggs with cheese, bacon, and a bagel.
Gobbled that up really fast!
The weather was beautiful.
The sun was out and shining brightly.
It was flirting with 65 degrees.
We took advantage of her improved health and this gorgeous day to drive to the pumpkin farm that her classmates were currently visiting.
She was supposed to be on a school field trip?
But she got sick and was home from school?
Yep, that pumpkin farm.
When I mentioned that we were going to take a ride, she was extremely happy to be getting the chance to see her teachers and friends.
Once we got there and found her friends, Kaitlyn was overjoyed and speechless.
Wait a minute...that's an oxymoron.
She is always speechless since she has CAS.
That's why she is in special education.
That's why I blog.
All kidding aside now.
She truly was speechless at the amount of attention she received when she joined her classmates and teachers.
In fact, they all sang "Happy Birthday" to her.

That is Kaitlyn in the purple jacket.
And this Mom got misty-eyed.
OK, OK, I had mega-crocodile tears rolling down my cheeks!

What a great group! This is her second family!
Later at the pumpkin patch, we walked around the farm and petting zoo.
She actually held a baby chick!
My sensory child held a chick!
***Note: in my head, I was pleading "Please, don't squeeze this little chick too hard and kill it!"

But my gentle-as-a-lamb daughter was just that: gentle.
She cautiously caressed the little creature and kissed it, in typical Kaitlyn fashion.
She is such a lover!
Later that night, she feasted on birthday pizza (her choice!) and a chocolate tiramisu cake!

Then we went to Target (oh, how I should really purchase stock options in this store!)
Kaitlyn wanted to tour the toy section, more specifically the baby doll aisle.
Fine, it's your birthday, honey.
She was immediately drawn to two babies: one newborn which just laid there and another that coos and moves.
I told her that she can choose one for her birthday.
And you know which one she chose?
Yep, you guessed it...the cooing and moving one!
But to listen to this little girl interact with this life-like babe was amazing and thrilling to one Mama.
"Hi, baby."
"It's OK, baby."
"Don't cry."
"Mama's here."
How sweet, I thought, walking through Target as tears welled in my eyes for the second time publicly today.
You see, my daughter does not do imaginative play.
Never have I seen nor heard my daughter do this.
I mean, she plays, but she plays quietly.
Today, she imagined that she was the Mommy to her new baby.
What a great day!

And here is my pride and joy with her pride and joy.
I just love this little girl.
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