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Pumpkin Patch 2013

Posted Oct 17 2013 7:14am
Tom and his class from school went to the pumpkin patch on Tuesday. I heard about the pumpkin patch trip all weekend. He was very excited to ride the bus again! Just a couple weeks ago they rode the bus to the apple farm for a school trip so he knew exactly what to expect.

Here is Tom balancing on a pumpkin. He had a little game going.
You always hear about the importance of repetition in learning but with children it's so clear. Obviously you know from your own studies but to see how children are drawn to familiar events and objects is so interesting to me.

New and novel events are usually not a big hit with Tommy. It takes him time to process and understand what's really going on. Often, he needs to experience something several times before he can really begin to enjoy it. Other times he gets right into it- this past weekend my cousin Kelly introduced Tommy to Tae kwon do flips and that was popular right away!

It can be hard when it seems like every other kid is having the time of their life and your child is quietly taking it in. Are they bored? Are they unhappy? Usually Tommy is just trying to experience everything and figure it out. He is quiet because he is listening very hard and playing attention to the many sounds he hears.
Touching a pumpkin on his first pumpkin patch trip.
His first pumpkin patch trip was not that exciting to Tommy. He more tolerated it then but now he gets it! Just be patient and give your child time to process events. I don't think these experiences are ever wasted because your child is learning something no matter what.

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