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Progress Reports and Swimming With Sharks

Posted Nov 12 2009 10:04pm

So when I was told that Kaitlyn would be better off in a self-contained setting for Kindergarten, I was a bit leary.
No, make that terrified!
But I took a deep breath and jumped into this with two feet.
Hey, I can swim.
And I have learned to swim with the sharks.
And lately, the sharks have been leaving me alone.
Kaitlyn has been in swimming lessons since the ripe old age of 9 months.
It's a great physical therapy tool.
And she loves it!
And she has learned to swim with the sharks very well, too.
Because for her, the sharks are ANYONE who outside of our four walls.
Turns out that this self-contained setting is doing wonders for her.
She is truly more verbal lately.
Unfortunately, she has so much that she wants to say it comes out so fast and she stutters to get the words out correctly.
No, she does NOT have a stuttering problem, Aetna.
I know, I know, I have read your Speech Therapy Policy #0243 and I know that stuttering is NOT covered.
She has apraxia, remember?
It's a neurological problem.
It's treatable with intense therapy.
(They read blogs, remember?)
What I am saying is that she gets so excited to tell me about the day that she stumbles and fumbles over words.
She catches herself sometimes; other times I have to remind her to s-l-o-w d-o-w-n.
But my little fish is doing well.
She has made some nice friends, both typical and atypical.
I have been told that she is "a very hard worker" and is "willing to work" with any of her support staff in school.
I love these kinds of progress reports!
This makes me one happy Mama!
My little minnow is truly more of an angel fish!
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