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Preventable Medical Tragedies

Posted Mar 17 2012 12:22pm

It is heartbreaking to have a child or teenager severely hurt or even die because of a preventable accident. Recently I have been told of two different teenagers who were tragically hurt when they pulled over to the side of the road to get something out of their car trunks or to check something on their car. One teen was killed immediately by a driver who slammed into him and the other may lose one or both of his legs. If the teens had put out flares indicating they were stopped, these tragedies might not have happened.

I was driving a grandchild to the aiport recently on the freeway and came around a blind curve. I was in the right lane, so I could exit. A car was stopped in the right lane and two men were behind the car looking in the trunk of their car. If there had not been an opening in the next lane, I could easily have slammed into the men. I was fortunate that there was an opening, so I could swerve into the next lane. If the occupants had put out flares, I would have immediately moved into the next lane. How lucky we were.

Another very preventable tragedy is when little children get into the medicine cabinet, grandmother's purse, under the sink, ashtrays, alcohol, or bottles in the garage or outside that contain poisons. Valerie Noonan kindly sent me a Web site, to remind all parents and grandparents what to keep out of the way of kids.

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