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Pregnancy and Your Feet

Posted May 22 2012 12:00am

Becoming a mother is one of the most exciting things that can happen to a woman.  There is so much joy and excitement surrounding pregnancy, don't let foot pain get in the way.  Pregnancy can cause everything from swollen feet to leg cramps.  This list of symptoms and how to prevent them from the American Podiatric Medical Association may help expecting mothers avoid some discomfort in their feet and legs.

  • Swollen feet, Change in Shoe Size, Color Changes
    • Put your feet up whenever possible
    • Uncross legs and ankles while seated
    • Stretch legs frequently while sitting
    • Wear comfortable shoes
    • Measure feet periodically
  • Overpronation or Flat Feet
    • Wear comfortable footwear that provides a lot of support and shock absorption
    • Avoid High Heels
  • Plantar Fasciitis
    • Warm-up properly before exercising
    • Exercise and stretch daily
Try the StretchRite Trainer to Stretch Out Your Calves, Available Through Our Product Store The easy to hold handles will help you stretch, even with your baby bump!
See a podiatrist for treatment Don't walk barefoot or wear backless shoes Wear shoes with a strong, supportive arch and firm heel
  • Cramps in the Legs and Feet
    • Walk the Cramp Out
    • Rotate ankles 10 times right, then 10 times left
    If you experience any painful or drastic changes in your feet during or after pregnancy, be sure to see a podiatrist.  Call our office at 419-423-1888 or visit our website to schedule an appointment.  Most importantly, enjoy your newborn!

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