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Prayers please - Surgery Next Week!

Posted Nov 11 2009 10:03pm
No need to panic - this is planned!  Kyle will be having his hernia repair next week! March the 4th.  I can honestly say that i feel like he is ready.  When I start to think of the ventilator side of it I can go from normal to panic in about 1 second flat - so those are the moments I stop pray over him.  really and truly - and then I pray over me - my emotions and thoughts.   

The Hermann tower at Memorial Hermann Hospital is still what gets me - I think it is going up those elevators - so many times confident that total devastation is what I would find at the top.  A strong nausea and great anxiousness overwhelms me every time I board one of those elevators.  Kyle's surgery is on the 2nd floor of that tower.  So even though I know he is ready - I am a bit worried about my mental and emotional state that day.  Good news is that we should be in and out before you know it.  We will leave our house at 4:15 am!  and should be home by 3 in the afternoon?! ish - somewhere around there!  and so soon after this kyle is off of isolation!!!!  

We are so close to freedom I can smell it -  

so the pics and videos are coming soon - i am still trying to move in!!!  sad, I know.  but I will get there.

Just wanted to post to ask anyone reading to pray for kyle.  I write this not even knowing how in the world all this works anymore.  In fact it is kind of humorous to me that i actually really thought I did know at one time.  hmmmm.... funny thought.   Anyway - I still - with little understanding of who God truly is and how he truly works - I still ask you to go to him on Kyle's behalf.  I desperately want him to come through this with flying colors!

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