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Posted on June 29, written June 22, 2008

Posted Jun 20 2008 10:04pm
Mydad and mom came to see me in the hospital today. They received a really big surprise! A huge tube up my nose!!!!!! Well okay, not huge, but a tube none the less. OUCH!!!!!!!!! Boy did it feel uncomfortable putting it in that place, good thing I didnt have any boogers!!!!!

I overheard the nurses telling my Wonderful daddy, and Beautiful mommy, that they are going to put food in it, and that it goes right down to my tummy! Bonus!!!!!!! I get to eat and sleep at the same time, I know you are all jealous now, at least all you other daddys reading this. lol

Pretty cool huh, I mean about the lol thing. I betcha didnt know that I had a vast knowledge, for a baby, about computer acronym slang. For those of you that give a hoot, lol means laughing out loud, somewhat like, hehe, but way more computer geekish!

I am also told that I will be getting a new look come monday. What is it you say, can't wait to hear, on the edge of your seat in anticipatory drool? Well...................I will have a cool chest design! Yup, a one of a kind, never imitated, or possibly repeatedable piece of art on my chest! No you big dork, not a tatoo. A really cool incision! (please dont try this at home) Yup I am the winner of a seldom done surgery, seldom if you take the ration of the worlds population vs. the amount of participants in such a wonderful undertaking. (is this a good place to put one of those lol thingys?

Although I eavesdropped on my folks conversation and overheard about monday, I will still continue to wait patiently before I actually see them prepping me up for the big day.

Well, I have to go snort down some dinner, so I wll sign off now, and end with this new cool saying that Savannah told me. A penny saved is a penny earned. Also, a penny saved is a penny closer in going to the Puyallup Fair!

So try to come and visit me or I might have to stick a tube up your nose!

Living life lively is to be Alive!

Live, Laugh, Learn, Love!
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