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Port flush

Posted Sep 21 2010 4:17am
Well yesterday was the dreaded port flush.

Sophie was a good girl and allowed me to put on her emla cream before we left.
She didn't want the dressing on though, but after a little coaxing she gave in but wasn't overly impressed.

I was surprised at how happy Sophie seemed when we arrived on the ward and we went straight outside to the out door area to play while we waited for her sedation.

I had to sneak Leeber the Lemur into her bag as she told me in no uncertain terms that, and I quote, "I don't want him exposed to the bad stuff".

She's three years old for goodness sake!

Exposed? EXPOSED?

I have no idea where she has picked up that saying and to use it in context is crazy!

Midazolam was given and it didn't appear to be working, she was still running around 30 minutes later which is abnormal for her.

After myself and the nurses looking at her driving around madly in a toy car worrying that our luck had run out.


Her eyes narrowed and she got wobbly.

Into the room we rushed and sat her down and the nurses got to business.

Second attempt the flush was done. Much less chaotic compared to previous attempts. Sophie was still fighting some, but the whole process seemed calmer somehow.

Bertie still bleeds back too :)

One of her nurses asked Sophie if she would cough on a stick for her and Sophie was happy to cooperate.

Now we have a short wait to see if Staph has left the party. Lots of positive vibes needed please.

While we waited for the sedation to wear off a little, Sophie decided she was hungry and ate a whole pot of dairy lea, bit into two crackers and actually swallowed some and had 9 spoonfuls of yogurt.


So all in all not a bad visit.

I asked Sophs CF nurse if she could help out with the laxative prescription issue and she kept the copy of the repeat script and said she'd sort it for us.

I have washed my hands of it, I'm sick of the hassle every month so hopefully it will be sorted now.
I'll find out in a week or two.

Sophie was a little bit strange on the way home.

Due to the sedation kicking in a bit later my happy 'drunk' decided to become an angry 'drunk' and was aggressive.

First time she has reacted to midazolam like this, luckily Ian was able to come home from work early as it was very difficult for me to manage her like that.

After a few hours she was fine and no memory of the days events.

Job done.

Injections on Monday and I see the feeding psychologist and dietician on Tuesday.
Will keep you all posted on the swab results also.

Take care all

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