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Poop and thumbsucking.

Posted Jul 29 2009 11:32pm
Both our kids have a tendency to poop while sleeping. With Stella, I usually discover it when I go in for my right before I go to bed nightly check. I wish I could just go in and kiss her cheek, but, alas, I'm typically in there, in the dark, wiping poop off her ass. Fun times! Oh, and the past few nights she's been shoving her legs thru the crib slats, so not only to I get to deal with a messy midnight diaper, but I also have to shimmy and jerk her legs out of the slats which, inevitably, ends up with her screaming. I'm telling you, they're really wedged in there, red marks and all.

Audrey tends to poop while napping. She's totally day time potty trained, but nights and naps she still wears a pull-up. I've heard differing views on when to try to sleep potty train (wait until dry vs. just going for it, dealing with the mess and having them catch on sooner). With the poop, though, I think that she goes during nap time because she's to busy the rest of the day to stop and poop. If she needs to, she will, but I think her body, at this point, just likes to go while she's resting. Well, we decided this past weekend that pooping in the diaper has got to stop. So, between that and trying to stop the thumbsucking (she now will just suck past the nasty tasting polish and is no longer affected by having bandaids on ~ any other ideas??), her naps have been a little screwy. The good news is that she hasn't pooped in her diaper. And that she's stayed in her room for her normal two hour nap time frame. But I don't think she's napping. Not sure what to do about that. She's usually beat by the end of the day and could, easily, go to bed an hour earlier.
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