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Posted Nov 02 2009 12:32pm
Well, things turned out completely differentely than we had expected. We really thought that Alina was getting better but after a brief honeymoon period we had to take her to A&E. She had developed a very chesty cough and was having difficulty breathing. On top of that, she also started to have fever. An x-ray showed that she had an infection in her left lung- the small lung. The doctors diagnosed her with pneumonia. They were also concerned that she might have caught swine flu. We thought, oh no, does that mean that Alex also has it? Poor him, he had been struggling with his cold and even after 5 days he still wasn't able to shake it off.

Alina was booked into Outwood, the paediatric ward. We were given a separate cubicle and put in isolation. One might think- "great, we're getting privacy" but I tell you, it wasn't that glamorous. We were stuck in this sauna of a room, unable to open the door to get some fresh air in. Poor Alina was sweating the whole time as if she'd just run a marathon. All the staff were wearing masks, aprons and gloves- they really looked as if they had just landed out of some weird sci-fi movie. I wonder what Alina must've been thinking. Admitedly, the entire time she wanted to be held- she must've been terrified.

Alina was put on IV antibiotics. Poor little thing, after 8 months her veins still hadn't recovered so it took the doctors 2 tries to be able to put in a canula. Her saturation was around 91-92 so the nurse put an oxygen mask in front of her whilst she was sleeping to help her out a bit. The first night was really difficult for poor little Alina. Despite the antibiotics she was still coughing a lot. I really didn't want her to be suctioned- I still have nightmares about her suctioning in ICU- but in the end I had no choice. It was the right thing to do as a lot of the infected mucus came out and it helped her breathe better. The antibiotics also did the trick and in the morning she had improved significantly. She wasn't eating properly- she was just exhausted- so the nurse put her on IV fluids. When she was weighted I couldn't believe my eyes. In 1.5 weeks she had lost 500g. That is to show how fragile these little ones are.

After 2 days Alina had recovered and we were discharged this afternoon. We still don't know whether she had swine flu. It takes them 48 hours to get the results back. But thinking about it, we haven't received a call so she probably didn't have it. She is still on tamilflu for another 2 days and on some other antibiotics for 5 more days.

Alina was so happy to be back, she was all smiles the whole evening. She was trying to crawl but she's so weak that she only manages to crawl a bit and then collapses onto the carpet. But all in all she's in good spirits and loves being back amongst her toys.

So quite a scary weekend overall but it's great to see Alina feeling better. And Alex is also on the mend so hopefully we'll be back to giggles, smiles and lots of crawling soon.

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