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Please vote and advice needed.

Posted Dec 15 2010 7:20am
I had quite the shock this morning, I was reading a blogging friends post about how she is a finalist in the British Mummy bloggers -bloggers in brilliance awards for 2010. I went to have a look at how to vote and I was almost thrown off of my chair when I saw that our blog is also a finalist! This a huge deal as we're amongst the creme de la creme of mummy bloggers and I couldn't be more surprised if I tried!

We are in the Inspirational blogger category and actually up against two of our blog favourites, Mum in the mad house and crystal jigsaw, both blogs can be found on my blog list. I have no expectations of winning as we are up against some very strong competition and I feel a fraud us being there if I'm honest. I hope that this will help raise some huge awareness about CF and TOF so if you are reading this and haven't voted for anyone, please consider voting for us.

Vote here by scrolling down about half way and find the inspirational blogger category and vote for us!!

A big thank you to those who have nominated us, I am so very very grateful as you will have helped our main goal by raising much needed awareness for us and that is invaluable.

Right back to business, Sophie is still doing really well since IV's have finished. She does appear to have a small sniffle though but very well with it so just keeping a close eye in case she turns into the not so lovable snot monster!

Since her IV's started she appeared to be suffering with sore lips and small cold sores. I attributed this to her being run down and really not being well, however these all cleared up.

The past few days, her poor mouth has started to become really sore and now looks like this...

She doesn't appear to be run down at all,

Is it the weather?
Is it a CF thing?
Is she going to be a cold sore sufferer?
Are her nebs irritating or causing this?

All of the above?

Does anyone else or your child suffer like this? I cant use cold sore remedies as they are pointless unless you catch them at the tingle stage and Soph isn't really old enough to make that connection yet. We use a Vaseline lip balm to try and help the cracked lips but it doesn't seem to be preventing it.

Any thought or tips would be greatly received, she wont let me near her mouth which is entirely understandable.

Take care all

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