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Please help me figure out what this rash is on my daughter's face

Posted by n8nally

My daughter is 7 years old and has developed a weird rash on her lips and face. It started three days ago with red and itchy tiny bumps on the corners of her mouth. The next day her lips and the surrounding area devloped these teeny, little red bumps. I applied an antibiotic cream, but this has not helped. Today the little bumps have spread to her chin. They are not as red there, but they are there. I am including a picture. She says they do not hurt but they itch some of the time. She also says they sometimes sting if she gets food, etc. on them. Might it be yeast? facial rash
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I don't want to scare you, so please don't rush to conclusions.  My daughter came home when she was about 8 with a rash around her lips like the one you've described.  After a trip to the doctor, she was diagnosed with Oral Herpes.  I had always thought Oral Herpes manifested itself in cold sore like blisters, but apparently not always.

She is now 23 and has had only one more noticeable outbreak.  The doc said she could've gotten it just about anywhere, i.e. sharing a drink with a friend who is unaware they have it.  Like Genital Herpes, some people never have an outbreak and therefore are never diagnosed. 

There are a variety of treaments, both oral and topical, that can help if this is the case.

If she does in fact have it, I encourage you to discuss the whole scenario with your entire family as well as trained medical personel.  My daughter heard only part of what the doctor said, and despite my conversation with her that followed, she set about telling her friends that she had Herpes.  The word alone to many seems dirty, so you can imagine the judgments people rushed to.  It was difficult to educate them after the fact.

The Herpes virus, both strains, are incurable.  It is the symptoms that are treated.  The reason a cure has been so illusive is because the virus is smart.  It hides in the center of a bundle of nerves in the spine that are next to imposssible for drugs to reach.  It protects itself.  When treatment is applied to the skin's surface, the virus there is compromised and the lesions heal, but the virus can return later, during the next outbreak, usually in another place near the earlier outbreak.  Remember though that my daughter has had only two outbreaks to speak of in 15 years.

Get her to a doctor and go from there.  If it turns out that this is what she has, let me know.  I have a couple of resources for creams that help, are safe, but not widely used.

Good luck

Don't go there yet!!! I had EXACTLY the same thing and it turned out to be an allergy to my toothpast, specifically sodium lauryl sulfate, the foaming agent in almost every one. My doctor spotted right away and said it's not that unusual to have such an allergy. I didn't believe her, but she was right. Try discontinuing toothpastes (and every other product with SLS in it, just to be cautious) and see what happens in a week. Toothpastes are available without sulfates, you just have to read the labels. I use Closys and I think Sensodine might make one. Check around!!!
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