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Please help cause of pain in legs in children,

Posted by director.ics

my daughter is suffering with pain in her legs below the knee radiating to the toes since last 2 months.The pain is severe and when its there she cant flex her legs.She generally complains of pain in the evenings.She does have pain in the day but goes severe in the evenings and even the pain killers dont help her.I have consulted My GP and have taken her to A&E 3 times but they make not reached a conclusion as yet in 2 months.She sleeps every day with pain.I have given Ibuprofen for many weeks but dosent help.Could you please help.The radiographs of hips do not show nothing and the blood report is normal.We have requested for ESR.Waiting.Please Help.............

My contact details

Dr Piyush Goel


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