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Physical therapy

Posted Jul 31 2009 11:46am
Ava has been working hard in physical therapy.  We're finding new developments that are worrisome.  First off, her breathing gets very choppy when she's working hard.  She's needing more O2 during PT and several breaks.  Usually by the end of the hour her stridor is constant and she's very hoarse.   Her retractions are more pronounced also on therapy nights.   We knew to expect these problems, just not to this extent.

Ava has marked extreme weakness on her left side.  Her entire body is hypotonic, but her left side is much worse.   With full leg braces on to prevent knee bending, Ava will bear weight on her right side for a few seconds while standing.  She will bear all her weight on only the right side every single time.   Her left side can't bear any weight at all. Not for a second.  If we try to force the left side to help, she falls.  Similar results happen while on her hands/knees.  She will either take all the weight on her right side or collapse.   Is this due to brain damage (CP)?  Probably.  My girl has so much work ahead of her.  All thoughts of Ava standing (with help) by late Fall are gone. 
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