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phlegm in toddlers

Posted by adamkevsgrl

My two year old has had a phlegm cough for over a month!  Sometimes he wakes at night choking.  What can I do? Expectorants aren't good for children, right? Is there any herbal remedies I can give him?  Please do not just say a humidifier, because we've tried that, I honestly I don't see how having moist air will loosen the phlegm he already has built up within his chest.
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I had a very similiar problem with my 15 month old daughter. The poor thing was up every night, sometimes up to 3 times.  It ends up that my daughter probably has asthma, although she is too young to test for it now. We got an inhaler for her, and the cough and phelgm completely cleared up.  I had no idea, but persistent coughing (especially at night), excess phlegm, and throwing up phlegm are all signs of asthma.  You may want to consider taking your little peanut to see the doctor to rule it out.  It also could be something as simple as a series of colds or even allergies so no worries :)
Ho Jodi. Doctor is the best option as you mentioned. But any idea what to do for a month old baby boy who has phegm (no asthma)
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