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penis injury, my 2 year old son slammed the toilet seat on his penis. It's causing him pain and has swelled up. What can we do?

Posted by john

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Best to seek immediate medical help for assessment and treatment. The swelling that you are refering to is either normal inflammation from the local trauma or possible hemorage (a hematoma) from a broken blood vessel. Another possibility of an appearance of swelling is actually an erection of the penis due to the pain and irritation. A common and very serious complication of penile injuries is an episode of priapism which is an erection of the penis which does not fully diminish and persists for a duration of time that is great enough to cause deep penile tissue damage. For adults it is said that 4 hours is too long but for children the time limit for erectile continuance is likely to be much less than 4 hours. Normal inflamation can cause the onset of an episode of priapism as well as the retension of urine. Please consider this as a potentially serious injury.
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