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Peek a boo!!!!

Posted Dec 17 2009 12:00am
Abby playing possumIf I cover my cant see me
Peek A Boo!!!!
I know I said I would get better about keeping up the blog. We have just been terribly busy. With the outside therapies and now that the computer is up in the bedroom I just plain forget. I will do better.
Abby is doing pretty good lately. We are even bolus feeding her in the morning and afternoon and she is growing like a weed. Last year she was the same weight she was at 18 months old. 26 pounds or so. She is running an average of 36-38 and is 44 inches tall!! Woo hoo. Thank GOD for the feeding tube!
We are discussing possibly getting her into hippo therapy...or horseback therapy in the spring. Her therapist really thinks she would gain alot of core strength from it. My problem is that I am scared to death of horses so I dont know how in the world I am going to put my baby on one! But I will if it will help her.
Please stop by and leave a comment,. Would love to know you were here!
More soon

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