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"Patient Centered" Medical Care

Posted Jul 08 2012 9:43am

The Republicans have a new talking point that a party strategist coined in 2009. Now that the Health Care Act has been made legal, the Republicans are desperate for what to say and how to defeat President Obama. They have NO health plan of their own and don't seem to care that thirty million people would not have had health care had the Act not been declared legal. Why should they care when their rich supporters can well afford any health care they want or even private doctors!

I had to laugh when I first heard Mr. Romney and the other Republican leaders use the term. Shouldn't all health care be patient centered? At least that was what I was taught in medical school. I'm not sure that is what they are teaching in many medical schools today since making money and learning how to order multiple tests seems to be the focus of a great deal of teaching these days. There are, however, still caring physicians who believe that "patient-centered" medicine is how they should practice.

I am wondering what the Republicans are talking about? If they don't have any way to keep the health insurance and drug companies under control, nor help kids with pre-existing condtions, how can the phrase "patient-centered" mean anything at all to them? I wish they would explain, but they need a health plan to do so. I will be waiting and watching.

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