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Parents:Does disability mean inability to be a good parent? Blind couples newborn taken by the state for 57 days!

Posted Jul 21 2010 4:15pm

I can see where the lactation consultant had some concern since the nursing incident caused the baby to turn blue,but to not give them a chance to take their child home and care for her is wrong. All she needed was more time,practice & support with nursing. Breastfeeding does not come natural, despite what some may think. I know this from experience as a site-seeing person getting the latch right is trial and error for both the mother and newborns in many cases. Not all babies and mothers are able to do it 'naturally'.

That being said, being disabled doesn't necessarily mean one can or can not care for their child's safety and basic needs. There are many parents who are not 'disabled' who abuse and neglect their children out of pure selfishness or dis-concern for others.

My aunt raised two boys pretty much on her own from a wheelchair. She became disabled after the birth of her second child while bending over his crib to pick him up. To this day it is unknown what the actual cause of her paralysis was,but it is believed she strained her back somehow bending to pick the baby up or she injured herself from working in the yard earlier in the day pushing a push mower and bending to pick up the baby was the 'last straw'. She was in her 20's when this happened and she became paralyzed from the neck down. Thankfully, my aunt was able to carry the baby around in her arms still and maneuver a wheelchair, she learned to care for herself,cook&clean, worked a full-time job and basically raised her sons on her own after divorcing their father for several years of abuse.

I think if their is a 'will there is a way' and those parents who are disabled physically or blind or deaf are able to care for their children if they are willing to. Those who are not physically disabled and are still arrested for abuse or neglect choose not to care for their children because of selfishness,drug abuse or other heinous reasons.

I think it is unfortunate this couple had to go through this experience and feel the hospital should have been more supportive in their response rather than calling in the state and taking their newborn girl from them for 57 days! I hope they are able to sue the state and get some sort of compensation which will help them care for their child,save for her college education or provide the in-home care they might need as new parents. As all new parents know, caring for a newborn is hard work whether you are 'able or disable'.

Do you think the lactation consultant and social worker over reacted?

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