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Parenting Lessons I Have Learned...the hard way

Posted Feb 28 2010 10:33am
A few lessons have come to light here in the H household. What not to do lessons as a parent. Take them with laughter in your heart and hopefully your eyesight will not be damaged forever.

These are not for the finicky or those of sensitive constitutions. These are for the guts & gore kinda parents.

View at your own risk!

1. Throw the sugar out. Okay, we're sugar free. Have been for months. Yet there was still a container of white, refined sugar in the pantry. Until today. Until finding W, after putting R to bed, eating it out of the 1/2 cup measuring spoon.

2. Do not let the child ride the bouncy horse with a loaded diaper. Do not!

3. Always keep disinfectant close at hand. Didn't you read number 2?

4. Keep one Tot Lock magnet hidden at all costs. Rumor has it that a child may become angry with his mother and hide all four of them in a drawer and shut it. Locked tight. For the day. Thank goodness for the BIL's magnetic antenna from his truck! Even the earth magnet from Lee Valley didn't do the trick.

5. Hide the Tot Locks myself, where I know their whereabouts so that....

6. Hidden contraband Ginger Snaps for FH's lunch cannot be found in the alcohol cupboard and eaten by W while Bup was being put down for a nap...yet again...our poor caregiver was mortified. Thank goodness it wasn't on my watch this time...or that he didn't sample the coconut rum!

7. Maybe the Nanny Cam is a great idea? For me. To keep an eye on my child at all times.

Do you have a parenting lesson to share with me? I'm all ears and obviously in need of all the help I can get!
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