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Paperwork, End of School, and Daycare

Posted Jun 13 2013 9:40pm
I have been busy with paperwork lately. I recently sent in Tommy's annual renewal paperwork for his Medicaid. I don't know where we would be without our secondary insurance coverage through Medicaid.

A bit blurry but he got a haircut.
We all have insurance through my husband's work (primary) and then Tommy has Medicaid as a (secondary) which covers all the co-pays, prescriptions and some of the assorted things that our primary insurance does not cover. We are on our own for the contact lenses of course, and I'm getting ready to purchase another pair for him. He has an exam under anesthesia coming up early next month and they will insert his new contacts for him then.

Those medical costs really add up when you have a child on several medications that sees several specialists. When Tommy was first born we used to average three specialist visits a week, each with a thirty dollar copay. Those were expensive times! We didn't get the secondary Medicaid until Tommy was about five months old. 

I was lucky to have a helpful Early Intervention coordinator who helped us apply for Medicaid for Tommy. Tom's medical situation took up all of our energy at that time. I wouldn't have had the forethought to apply or even have known that he would have qualified.

Pennsylvania is a "waiver state," which means that they will allow children who participate in Early Intervention or have certain diagnosis or disabilities to qualify for Medicaid by waiving the financial eligibility requirements. You can read more about Pennsylvania's different waiver programs at the  Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare site.

Better watch out. He doesn't brake for any reason.
Last Day of School
I am also doing paperwork for Tommy's summer daycare. Tomorrow is Tommy's last day of school. We made it through his first year and he had a blast!

I can't tell you how lucky we are to live in Pittsburgh so he can go to WPSBC. He loves his teacher, therapists and aides and I can tell that they love him back. That means so much. When you are trusting your 3 year old child to the care of someone else all day, every day, well, that's a lot of trust.

Tom couldn't be in better or more capable hands. He is getting the chance to socialize and learn in an environment that is sensitive to his needs as a blind child. And yes, I consider socializing an important part of his job as a 3 year old. Kids should be busy playing because that's the basis for learning and problem solving. He is also working hard on skills that will prepare him for Braille and being exposed to Braille constantly. That is so important to me. I love to read and I want Tommy to feel the same way.

Summer Daycare at WPSBC, A Child's View.
Tom will be returning to A Child's View daycare at WPSBC. He had such a wonderful experience there last summer and since I got a new job (yay!!!!) we need daycare for the summer. A Child's View provides developmentally appropriate activities for the children in small groups and they write up daily progress reports for parents. Projects and crafts are either sent home or saved for the child's scrap book which is created by the classroom teachers.

Artwork made by Tommy at daycare last September.
I can't wait to see what Tommy does this year. One of the funniest things I have ever seen happened last summer when I picked Tom up from daycare one afternoon. I came into the room and all the kids were dancing to the children's version of "I Like to Move It Move It." It was just so ridiculous to see children dancing to that song. Here's to more ridiculous fun for Tommy!
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