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Other Causes of Choking in Children

Posted Dec 19 2013 2:08pm

An excellent article by Jane Brody in the December 17, 2013 New York Times should be mandatory reading for every parent of a small child. In addition to listing even more causes of choking than I gave in a recent Blog, the reporter gives information about CPR  for little children who are choking. Knowing CPR for kids could save a child's life. I would hope that all parents ask their child care workers if they know CPR. There are so many things small children put in their mouths that this would be very important.

In my recent Blog about choking, I mentioned foods which can cause choking in little ones. In the New York Times article a more extensive list is given. The foods I didn't mention are: meats, sausages, fish with bones, chips, pretzel nuggets, hard candy, gum, lollipops, jelly beans, cherry tomatoes and ice cubes.

Objects that can cause choking are listed also. These are: coins, buttons, marbles, small balls, deflated balloons, watch batteries, jewelry, pen caps, paper clips, art and craft supplies, small toys and toys with  parts that can be pulled off.  I am always amazed at what  kids will put in their mouths. If it doesn't cause choking, it can cause other damage. Dishwasher soap, bleach, rubbing alcohol, perfumes and even razor blades are ingested. I have an amazing X-ray I have saved of a little boy who swallowed a razor blade. He was having stomach pain. No wonder!

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