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Operation evacuation!

Posted Jul 30 2010 10:57am
Last night the poop saga reached a climax. We ended up at Sophie's CF hospital.

**warning** The following post contains graphic details of poo **warning**

After numerous phonecalls this week and an increase in laxatives, Soph still hadn't passed anything more than a small ball of poop and loose mush in 16 days. So the team decided she finally needed examining.
Once there, a doctor tried to have a good feel of her tummy, which Sophie was a little bemused about to say the least!

It was decided she needed an abdominal xray, but with Sophie being Sophie, this wasn't going to be done without sedation. Cue the midazolam.
We were moved round to Sophie's CF ward and to more familiar surroundings and faces. Once there, Sophie was given the midazolam and Xray department were warned that she'd be there in about 10 minutes. Once in her system off we walked in force (2 parents, 1 nurse, 1 health care support worker and 1 student nurse) up to Xray.

We were greeted by 2 radiographers who before we could say not to, told Sophie she was going to have her 'picture' taken. Sophie hates this phrase and associates it with chest xrays.
Luckily, Sophie was in happy midazolam land so didn't pay much attention. The Xray was taken with ease much to everyones surprise and off we went back to the ward to wait for the doctor.
While waiting for the results, one doctor was able to have a good feel of her tummy and also listen for bowel sounds.

After a short wait with Ian and I trying to amuse a very happy, wobbly Sophie, the doctor came to deliver the verdict. He said Sophie was basically full of poo, end to end, but no blockage or partial blockage so we were free to come home with a faecal evacuation regime of movicol. 38 sachets to be precise over 7 days if needed!

Sophie has managed a very tiny rabbit-like dropping but is mainly passing overflow currently and loads of stinky gas but hoping an arrival is due soon!

Once we finally get her cleared, she will be having prophylactic movicol to prevent this happening again in the future.

We also went to see Sophie's feeding psychologist today, more can be read about this on .

Considering how uncomfortable she must be feeling, Sophie is in a really lovely mood and as active as ever. I will let you all know if 'anything' happens!

Take care
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